• Alina R. Battalova
  • Nadezda A. Opokina



food security, assessment, SAW method, expert method, criteria of ensuring food security.


raditionally the problem of food security was the center of attention in domestic and foreign economic science and practice that was connected with challenges of world development and increase of global contradictions. Food security is an important element of economic and national security of the state in general. It is one of the necessary conditions of sustainable development in the region. Regional features influence safety of the region and as a consequence the safety of the country in general. The methodical approach based on an expert pair comparison method and the SAW method was developed for assessing the food security condition in the regions. The Volga Federal District (VFD) and the Republic of Tatarstan (RT) were chosen as a research object. The received method was applied to assessing the level of ensuring food security in regions of Volga Federal District and the largest regions of the Republic of Tatarstan. This technique allows to fully estimate stability of the food sphere in the economic security of the region in general and the territorial subjects of the Russian Federation which are its part, as well as to reveal strong points and weaknesses of the region and its subjects for the purpose of increasing the management efficiency and proving measures of the operating influence, directed to its increase.


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Biografia do Autor

Alina R. Battalova

Kazan Federal University, Institute of Management, Economic and Finance,

Nadezda A. Opokina

Kazan Federal University, Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics named after N.I. Lobachevsky,


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