• Kabir R. Saubanov
  • Mikhail V. Nikolaev



organizational systems; organizational forms; innovation; integration.


The article is devoted to the analysis of the influence of new organizational forms of production and business arising in the course of economic evolution on the development of innovative processes. We used the methods of abstract-logical approach, comparative and historical-economic analysis. The study was conducted on the example of the Russian economy in comparison with other countries. We considered various organizational forms: technoparks; business incubators; network and shell companies, etc. It is shown that there is no uniform, universal and effective form for all cases. They all require additional forms in relation to themselves, which expand the possibilities for the development of innovations. We analyzed the trend to "idealize" the organizational systems, meaning their desire to reduce the number of employed personnel to a minimum and to reduce the amount of intra-organizational costs. The conducted research allows asserting that the development of economic systems and forms of production and business organization leads to a change in their economic and institutional structure and causes a tendency to expanding the organizational diversity. At the same time, the determining principle of the development of modern forms of production and business organization is their complementarity with respect to each other. The obtained results can be used in practice of economic activity and management, including when choosing the organizational forms most effective in terms of opportunities and prospects for the innovative development


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Biografia do Autor

Kabir R. Saubanov

Kazan (Volga) Federal University

Mikhail V. Nikolaev

Kazan Cooperative Institute


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