• Albina D. Khairullina Kazan Federal University
  • Azat R. Safiullin Kazan Federal University
  • Aigul I. Sabirova Kazan Federal University
  • Asiya M. Ilyasova Kazan Federal University




electric power industry, risky nature of the industry, organization risk management system


The electric power industry is one of the basic sectors of the economy of any country, which affects the development of both its individual components and the entire system as a whole. This article analyzes the risk nature of the electricity industry in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan. In order to identify features of the organization’s risk management, PJSC RusHydro was considered as an example. The article reflects the degree of influence of the TOP-10 business risks, discloses a scoring rating of the investment attractiveness of industries, as well as an example of the use of the risk radar using the example of a company supplying electricity and risks to the Russian Federation. The systematization of data and the dialectical approach made it possible to conclude that the energy sector of the Russian Federation is extremely strongly influenced by energy crises and radical greening. In turn, radical greening is manifested in the tightening of legislative and tax requirements in the field of environmental protection, as well as in the change in consumer demand towards more environmentally friendly products. An analysis of the measures being implemented at the level of the Russian Federation led to the conclusion that the private investments that were attracted as a result of this process significantly increased the size of the reserve capacity of the Russian energy system.


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D. KHAIRULLINA, A. .; R. SAFIULLIN, A. .; I. SABIROVA, A. .; M. ILYASOVA, A. . RISKY NATURE OF DEVELOPMENT THE ELECTRICITY INDUSTRY OF RUSSIA. Gênero & Direito, [S. l.], v. 8, n. 6, 2019. DOI: 10.22478/ufpb.2179-7137.2019v8n6.49300. Disponível em: https://periodicos.ufpb.br/index.php/ged/article/view/49300. Acesso em: 18 abr. 2024.



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