• Ghahreman Abdoli Professor at University of Tehran, Faculty of Economics
  • Mohsen MehrAra Professor at University of Tehran, Faculty of Economics
  • Mohammad Ebrahim Ardalani Ph.D. Candidate at University of Tehran at Alborz campus
Palavras-chave: Prediction Model, LSTM, ARIMA, Forecast Accuracy, Tehran Stock Exchange


In developing countries with an unstable economic system, permanent fluctuation in historical data is always a concern. Recognizing dependency and independency of variables are vague and proceeding a reliable forecast model is more complex than other countries. Although linearization of nonlinear multivariate economic time-series to predict, may give a result, the nature of data which shows irregularities in the economic system, should be ignored. New approaches of artificial neural network (ANN) help to make a prediction model with keeping data attributes. In this paper, we used the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) intraday data in 10 years to forecast the next 2 months. Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) from ANN chooses and outputs compared with the autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) model. The results show, although, in long term prediction, the forecast accuracy of both models reduce, LSTM outperforms ARIMA, in terms of error of accuracy, significantly.


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