• Mammadova Elnara Elkhan Sumgayit State University, Head Teacher of the Faculty of Literature of Azerbaijan and Foreign Countries
Palavras-chave: literary portrait genre, Azerbaijani literature, Anar's art, genre synthesis, artistic and documentary narration.


In all his art, Anar turns to the genre of literary portrait as one of the forms of artistic and documentary narrative of memorial-biographical literature. Anar's task is to create complete and reliable impression about any outstanding person, his character, place in society, shown in the context of a certain time and space. The hero of literary portrait of Anar is real person with real biography, whose personal and creative fate the writer produces through his perception, using both documentary and artistic means. Literary portraits of Anar make it possible to study this genre as independent one, consisting in the experience of genre synthesis, where the author's concept of the world and human is expressed most clearly


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