• Lyudmila G. Konovalova Altai State University
  • Irina V. Rekhtina Altai State University
  • Nadezhda A. Kandrina Altai State University
  • Irina L. Akimova Altai State University
  • Irina I. Ignatovskaya Altai State University
  • Konstantin V. Cheprasov Altai State University
Palavras-chave: anti-corruption, civil service, responsibility for corruption offenses, control over the compliance of incomes and expenses of civil servants, anti-corruption expertise.


The article reviews the legal instruments used in Russia to combat corruption in order to propose recommendations for their improvement. It is noted that the country has extensive legislation to counter corruption, which according to domestic and international estimates is not very effective. For writing the article, the formal legal method and the method of comparative jurisprudence were used. The ineffectiveness of measures used to counter corruption, in the opinion of the authors, is due to the disunity and insufficient reasonability of the legal norms of these institutions. The authors identify the blocks of legislative and enforcement problems that require resolution. The conclusion is to harmonize the norms of various anti-corruption institutions. In particular, it is proposed to clearly define the list of elements of administrative offenses and criminal offenses with a corruption focus; update legislation on enforcement proceedings in order to improve the efficiency of work to recover damage caused to the state; at the civil service institute, clarify the concept of conflict of interest, adjust the legislation on the control over the conformity of expenses and incomes of public servants. In general, the authors express concern about the quality of legislative regulation in connection with authoritarian trends in the development of Russian statehood.


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