• Vugar Rahimzadeh Ganjali Professor of Baku Slavic University
Palavras-chave: Traditional media, social network, information, social media, internet, information conflict


The use of electronic media and social networks, whose evolving roles are felt in the context of political issues and military crises, has largely supplanted traditional media in recent years. Today, people through their computers with having access to the internet can physically influence other people. However, these people may also be very sensitive to the external influences themselves.Today, just about anyone with a social media account and an access to an incredibly large audience has the capacity to become a journalist, which might lead to the creation of a whole new form of media.In today's world, traditional means of news dissemination are undergoing displacement. Internet resources are largely exceeding even the circulation of the world's leading newspapers by the number of their users, also becoming an arena for information conflicts. 

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