• Firudin Rzayev Nakhchivan Branch of Anas
Palavras-chave: Ethnooykonim, Kanq, Kanqyuy, Kanqli, Kangar, Avesta, Sumerian.


The place and role of kangars in the history is systemize investigated according to the ancient sources in the article. Kangars  were the aborigen inhabitants in the territory of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic from the middle of the III millennium B.C.. But in many investigations kangars were showed in the IX century  B.C. and the III century of our era in these territories. Kangar turks whom the Azerbaijanian and Turkish scientists were investigated without refering to ancient chronicles are protoazerbaijanians. In this investigation by the scientific facts it is proved that the tribes of Kanq, Kanqyuy, Kanqur whose traces lived in the toponimic system of ancient Nakhchivan and general turkish area are kangars. The investigation of the sources connected with kangars were taken main actual problem. For this the author has recourse to “Oghuznama”, Chine sources, “Avesta” and Sumerian written monuments. Result it is affirmed by scientific facts that the compenent which formed the “kanq” rooty place names in Nakhchivan toponimic system is a prototurk – Azerbaijan tribe name. The new investigation of “Oghuznama” by us proves that kangars are not a oghuz tribe, but also is a Azerbaijan tribe. With the historical facts it is affirmed that they were on the history stage in the IV millennium B.C. and in the III millennium B.C. they were spread out in Nakhchivan territories.


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