The information behavior of information security and cryptography professionals: how these professionals seek and use information

  • Paulo Hideo Othoshi Universidade de Brasília
  • Cláudio Gottschalg-Duque Faculdade de Ciência da Informação, Universidade de Brasília, Brasil.


This paper presents a user study of information security and cryptography professionals, focusing on the use of information behavior models. The methodological procedure proposed in this paper uses as a base model the information behavior model proposed by Choo et al. (2000), which divides human information behavior into three processes: information need, seek and use. The exploratory, descriptive and quali-quantitative study was carried out with 50 professionals from the Brazilian Community of Information Security and Cryptography (Comsic) through questionnaires, interviews and documentary analysis. Four subgroups were identified: cryptographic algorithms and protocols research group, cryptographic hardware and firmware development group, network security professionals group, and information security managers group. 

Keywords: Information Behavior. Information Need. Information Seek. Information Use. Information Security. Cryptography.


Biografia do Autor

Paulo Hideo Othoshi, Universidade de Brasília
Departamento: Faculdade de Ciência da Informação. Área: Biblioteconomia
Cláudio Gottschalg-Duque, Faculdade de Ciência da Informação, Universidade de Brasília, Brasil.
Universidade de Brasília
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