One No Many Yeses

  • Amble Skuse University of Plymouth


The piece One No Many Yeses was inspired by the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum, and produced in collaboration with National Collective. In this contribution, the author discusses the working of the piece, situating herself as a pro-independence campaigner willing to mark this crucial moment in history, and as a disabled artist exploring the analogies between territorial and individual self-determination. The piece explores how a composer can give voice to non-composers and use real audio to create a representation of the conversations found online and in the real world

Biografia do Autor

Amble Skuse, University of Plymouth

Amble Skuse is a musician and artist, working with found sound, voices, electronic processing, and site specific locations. She works with oral history archives, interviews, community memories, radio interviews, found sounds and site specific compositions to explore myriad identities in myriad locations. She explores these ideas of identity and power through a lens of intersectional feminism. Her focus is on gender and disability, and she is currently studying for a PhD looking at ways in which a disabled composer / performer can ustilise technology as a tool for composing, improvising and performing.


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