• Homayoun Mafi Associate Professor, Department of Law, University of Judicial Sciences and Administrative Services, Tehran, Iran
  • Mohammad Reza Khademi Ph.D. student of Private Law, University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, Iran.



Competence –competence, International commercial arbitration, Jurisdiction, Arbitrator


The arbitration clause implies the agreement of the parties' will to concede (assign) the existing or future dispute into arbitration, thus, in accordance with the law, the inevitable basis is to establish the referee's authority and jurisdiction and the influence of his/her verdict. Therefore, the formation of a court of arbitration and the issuance of a ruling requires that the existence and the validity of the contract of referral the matter to arbitration is acceptable to the parties. Although the parties may find a dispute (difference) in the existence and validity of the arbitration agreement, it is also likely that one of the parties denies or invalidates the existence of the arbitration agreement. In such a hypothesis, the formation of an arbitration authority and its review will entail consideration of the dispute before it. For this reason, one of the important issues that may arise in arbitration is the determination of the competent authority dealing with a dispute that may arise between the parties as to the existence or validity of the arbitration convention or jurisdiction. The issue of competency assessment (Competence - Competence), which improves the efficiency of the arbitral institution, can be seen in the most legal systems. Whether the arbitral tribunal has the merit of deciding whether to qualify under the terms of the arbitral agreement is a question that has long been addressed in the arbitration law as the competence to determine jurisdiction


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