• Anastasiya O. Matveeva Kazan Federal University, Institute of Management, Economics and Finance
  • Lidiya I. Kulikova Kazan Federal University, Institute of Management, Economics and Finance



foreign activity, risk, IFRS, estimated obligations


Currently it is difficult to overestimate importance of work of the enterprises of fuel and energy branch, in particular the oil-extracting companies, the majority of which foreign divisions have. Conducting foreign activity involves numerous external risks, many of which are capable to influence a financial position and financial results of the company negatively. Practice shows that most the enterprises very formally belong to disclosure of information on the risks interfaced to foreign activity. The PEST analysis which is carried out by us allowed revealing risks to which the PJSC Tatneft Company having representation in Libya is subject. In this article practical implementation of requirements of IFRS regarding disclosure in the reporting of information on risks by the PJSC Tatneft Company having division abroad is also considered. On the basis of the analyzed disclosure merits and demerits in the reporting of information on the risks interfaced to conducting foreign activity the uniform technique of disclosure of similar information was developed. In our opinion, the recommended format of disclosure of relevant information will simplify work of the accountant by drawing up financial statements, and to users of such reporting will allow to estimate consequences of foreign activity, to create idea of a financial position of the organization and will provide adoption of rational economic decisions


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