AN ANALYZING OF SOCIAL TRUST IN THE TABRIZ METROPOLITAN AREAS <a href="">(doi: 10.4090/juee.2012.v6n2.149156)</a>


  • Nader Zali
  • Reza Ostadrahimi
  • Mastooreh Gholipour



Social capital, Social Relations, Stability, Social Links, Social Networks


The social capital consists of two fundamental components. Relations and links, norms and trust that facilitate group activities, relations and social networks as components of social capital has been evaluated in Tabriz city. This research has been conducted with descriptive and analytical approach in survey. The statistical society of this research was citizens of Tabriz city and the information has been gathered via face to face referring to homes by cluster sampling. In this research four components like accumulating social relations, symmetrical relations, supporting relations and mediation relations as main components of quality of social relations and structure of relations has been analyzed. The results of this study show that the relational stable degree is low in Tabriz city and accumulating the social relation as one of indices of relational stability has got better status in comparison to other indices. Also based on results of this research the social relations in Tabriz city have got very low adaptability degree. At the end of article according to importance of social capital in social development it has been referred to its role in advancement of programs of social development.


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