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S. Akisheva, Maria , Crimean Federal University Humanities and Education Science Academy (branch)
S. Baeva, Svetlana , Northern Caucasian branch of the Russian state University of justice
S. Chikaeva, Karina , Kuban State Agrarian University
S. Dubkova, Julia , Department of Linguodidactics and Foreign Philology Sevastopol State University Crimea
S. Grin, David , Kuban State University
S. Gusakova, Yuliya , Belgorod State University
S. Kaminsky, Alexander , Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University
S. Katasev, Alexey , Kazan Federal University
S. Kirillova, Larisa , Kazan Federal University
S. Klimenkova, Maria , Moscow Technological University (MIREA)
S. Kokov, Nikolay , Kabardino-Balkarian State Agrarian University
S. Komarov, Vladimir , Institute of law (St.Petersburg)
S. Konstantinov, Mikhail , Candidate of Political Sciences, associate professor of Department of Theoretical and Applied Political Science at the Institute of Philosophy and Social & Political Sciences, Southern Federal University (Russia)
S. Novikova, Maria , Municipal budgetary institution of additional education
S. Safonkina, Olga , National Research Mordovia State University
S. Safonova, Svetlana , Kazan Federal University
S. Saifulina, Flera , Kazan Federal University
S. Sayfulina, Flera , Kazan Federal University
S. Shapovalova, Inna , Belgorod State University
S. Shatalov, Alexander , Higher School of Economics National Research University
S. Sinenko, Vladimir , Belgorod State University
S. Smotina, Olga , Orenburg State University
S. Sultan, Dinara , Kazan Federal University
S. Tulupov, Aleksandr , Market Economy Institute Russian Academy of Sciences
S. Tyutyunnikov, Andrey , Kuban State University of Physical Education

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