Correlation between extreme rainfall and insurance claims due to urban flooding – case study Fredrikstad, Norway

Geir Torgersen


During the last decades an increase in extreme rainfall has led to more urban flooding. This study is based on insurance claims of damages caused by heavy rain during 2006-2012 in Fredrikstad, Norway. Data are analysed using Principal Component Analysis. The purpose has been to find characteristics of extreme rainfall and its influence on the extent of urban flooding. The number of claims seems to be peaked in the late summer period. Furthermore, the precipitation depth the week before an extreme rainfall seems to have significantly influence for the pay out from insurers, and thus the changing in runoff factor due to soil wetness is of importance. Compared to 25-year frequency rainfall with 30 min duration, relatively less intensive, but more stable and long-lasting rain seems to lead to more claims. Experiences from previous events may help to determine the level of flood risk when extreme rainfall is forecasted.


Insurance claims, flood prevention, Principal Component Analysis

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