Multi-criteria evaluation of the expansion of natural gas distribution network by the urban dynamics (doi: 10.4090/juee.2010.v4n2.055062)

Vanessa Meloni Massara, Miguel Edgar Morales Udaeta


The objective of this work is to analyze the expansion of the infrastructure of natural gas distribution, identifying priorities from large metropolis using the energy planning based on urban design tools like urban dynamics and techniques like AHP. The methodology proposed uses matrices considering the relations between the concept of urban dynamics, quality of life and the possibilities of natural gas displacing other energy forms. The matrices are made up of information about social and urban development, costs of establishing the infrastructure and projections of the consumption potential in various sectors. Relating the consumption to urban development parameters and the real estate future of the areas in study, the methodology allows to indicate the viability of a gas network for each district. As conclusion, the model presents the integration between the cities profile and the natural gas use, by means of a growing natural gas use in districts of São Paulo City as a specific case study.


urban development; infrastructure; natural gas; energy planning; city of São Paulo (Brazil).

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