Nem dentro, nem fora: o lugar do cinema no campo da Comunicação

Natália Lago Adams


This article reviews the perspective from where the Communication studies look at the cinema as a communication phenomena, based on the hypothesis that there is an inclination to generalization in researches of this nature that frequently results in excluding definitions. Stemming from the experimental cinema as an example, the study considers that even though the communicational nature of the seventh art is undeniable, cinema finds itself displaced in this academic scope due to its multiple methods that cannot be conveyed by dominant perspectives. In that sense, this research aims to question the application of the semi-method, proposed by Ciro Marcondes Filho (2014), to the studies of cinema, in order to point out the need of a methodological distinction compared with other products in the field of Communication.

Palavras-chave: Cinematic apparatus. Opacity and transparency. Communication phenomena. Semi-method.

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