Guide for reviewers


To the DSBR reviewers 

We respectfully draw your attention to the following guidelines. 

Originality and Quality 

DSBR publishes only original content. Reviewers should reject contributions already published in other languages, similar to others already published by the same authors, and with an irrelevant additional contribution. It is also up to the evaluators to accept only contributions with due scientific rigor, methodological solidity and respect for ethical standards. 

Attention to deadlines

The deadline for indicating the availability for evaluation of a contribution is 15 (fifteen) days. Once the availability for evaluation, the deadline for delivering an opinion in the first evaluation round is 30 days, which can be extended for up to 15 more days, provided that the responsible editor agrees. In the other evaluation rounds, the deadlines are the same. Failure to comply with the deadlines, without justification, will result in the exclusion of the panel of reviewers. 

Feedback to authors 

Feedback to authors should be as detailed as possible. The assessment must be justified based on the main contributions and/or possible flaws in the article. It is also recommended, whenever possible, to offer suggestions to correct any flaws, even if the recommendation is for rejection. 

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