Women writing the Americas: literature, ecology, and decolonization

  • Roland Walter Universidade Federal de Pernambuco


This essay analyzes how multiethnic women writers of the Americas draw a map of a critical geography by delineating the interrelated brutalization of human beings and the environment at the colonial-decolonial interface. Its theoretical approach is comparative, interdisciplinary, and intersectional and embedded in Cultural/ Post-Colonial Studies and Ecocriticism with the objective to problematize the issue of identity, ethnicity, and gender in correlation with the land qua place and style of life within a capitalist system. The objective is to reveal and examine the decolonial attitude in texts by multiethnic women writers of the Americas: what is decolonization and how is it translated into the narrative structure, style and theme? 

Como Citar
WALTER, R. Women writing the Americas: literature, ecology, and decolonization. Revista Ártemis - Estudos de Gênero, Feminismos e Sexualidades, v. 29, n. 1, p. 122-138, 17 jul. 2020.
Dossiê literatura e ecologia: vozes feministas e interseccionais