Translating Yvonne Mété-Nguemeu’s Femmes de Centrafrique: Âmes vaillantes au cœur brisé from a Feminist Perspective

Ngozi O. Iloh


This article discusses some practical challenges encountered in the course of translating Yvonne Mété-Nguemeu’s novel, Femmes de Centrafrique, âmes vaillantes au coeur brisé (2008) into English from a feminist perspective. To effectively tackle these challenges, the approach taken is that of a feminist translation because Mété-Nguemeu is a feminist writer. The grammatical differences between the two languages are major sources of challenge in translating Mété-Nguemeu’s feminist discourse. The peculiarity of the African women’s experiences is easily understood and immediately translated from, not only, an empathized perspective as a woman, but also as an African feminist translator in particular. A feminist translator translates better a feminist novel or a feminist author.

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