Environmental basin like Planning Units for Sustainable Local Development


  • André Luiz Queiroga Reis UFPB
  • Eduardo Rodrigues Viana de Lima
  • Maristela Oliveira de Andrade
  • Christianne Maria Moura Reis
  • Jordana Kaline da Silva Santana


River basin, enviromental basin, sustainability


This article propose a critical reflection based on the enviromental basin concept from the perspective of their application in environmental planning with a view to sustainable local development. Although the territorial unit on the watershed has a considerable extent, the focus of environmental planning is directly linked to water resource management, limiting the actions of water sustainability, rather than actions directed the social sustainability of populations. Thus, environmental planning in urban watershed management has been ineffective, particularly within the peripheral areas of brazilian cities. Viewing a systemic approach to environmental dynamics of a basin it is possible use planning in a city with view to sustainable development by incorporating the number of connections between social and environmental demands and economic and institutional directives thus enhance and identify the local potential and vulnerabilities, that corrective and preventive actions for the planning get better efficiently. The method consists defining the coverage areas within physical – territorial limits. Then characterize environmental, social and economic well as the public policies involved in cutting territorial chosen. Relate the performance indicators that involve economic growth, social equity, environmental preservation, and then provide viable targets for environmental planning and so have new designs with new hydrographic landscape ecosystem.


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Biografia do Autor

André Luiz Queiroga Reis, UFPB

Químico Licenciado, Mestre em Desenvolvimento e Meio Ambiente, servidor federal do Laboratório de Estudos Ambientais Campus I UFPB




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REIS, A. L. Q.; LIMA, E. R. V. de; ANDRADE, M. O. de; REIS, C. M. M.; SANTANA, J. K. da S. Environmental basin like Planning Units for Sustainable Local Development. Gaia Scientia, [S. l.], v. 9, n. 1, 2015. Disponível em: https://periodicos.ufpb.br/ojs2/index.php/gaia/article/view/19442. Acesso em: 5 out. 2022.



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